Like many great ideas, AsMyJunk.com was conceived by a group of friends enjoying a few pints.  Their lofty goal: give a modern update to a tradition of human genital mimesis that stretches back tens of thousands of years.  From the 28,000 year old Hohle Phallus and the 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf’s grotesque femininity to the towering skyscrapers of our cities and the provocative beauty of a Georgia O’Keefe print: vagino-phallic symbology is a common thread in all civilizations both ancient and modern.  We humans just like showing off our junk.

Now, there finally exists an online repository for images that relate to this time-worn preoccupation with our privates.  When a gentleman holds a zucchini to his jeans or a woman looks curiously at a gordita overflowing with guacamole and their compatriots immortalize those moments of ancestral reconnection, we’ll be here.

So please, send us your junk, we’d be honored to show it to the world.