Monday, February 21, 2011

Baguette On It

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  1. Oh hell no.

  2. Nice ladybug cap there fella..

  3. i hope that’s a wig he is wearing.

  4. Judging by the mustache and Hawaiian shirt, that isn’t a wig…

  5. I was there.. It is a wig.. sorry guys..

  6. Fuck off fred t bat de peter lpunch .. ps: jaime ça écrire en français moi bon

  7. WTF pk ya 15 dislike … c la plus drole photo du monde entier

  8. jim t’es drôle

  9. Ladybird Ladybird fly away home…. No, I’m going to suck my mate off so fuck you.

  10. Lick, don’t bite!

  11. The guy with the ‘stache looks like Lars from Brozen Lizard’s Club Dread.

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