Monday, January 31, 2011

Being Frank…

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  1. eww that’s gross

  2. YeOldeBaconWhoure

    Ouch! Looks painful.

  3. This is quite an accurate representation… When I lay my cock out there is always a large cluster of cheese near the tip.

  4. THERE you are…
    Stuck in hell?

  5. yeah, i laughed at the pain olympics too…
    mofo, i miss reading your depraved comments on lamebook.

  6. I think that this will stand me in good stead wandr…when I make a triumphant return to Lamebook I will have so many knob jokes, they’ll all be gagging for it…..literally..

    Thanks zombies, maybe they have exiled me to here in an attempt to promote this site?…or maybe it’s because I’m depraved.

  7. Yes, perhaps you nailed it right there. Commenter migration. Worked with me, I hadn’t bothered to look yet.

    I really was missing out, wasn’t I? I’ll go check the most popular now.

  8. hmm, if it’s because you’re depraved, then why not exile Soup here as well with his occasional pedophilia jokes?
    it’s not like you’re seriously depraved. so you sometimes joke about necrophilia? it’s not like dead people complain about rape.

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