Monday, March 21, 2011

Bull Market

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  1. “We have a code 5 at the bull. Repeat, code 5 at the bull. Female, five foot six, brown hair, sunglasses, black coat, and no class. Send SWAT, STAT.”

  2. I know this girl. BRO. OLD FUCKING HAIR? WHAT?
    Also, terrible picture. There’s probably a handful more that are better than this one.

  3. Celine this is the best picture lol. That bull wanted my ass so bad.

  4. and this is why i throw food on tourists during lunchtime

    you fat fucking tourist pieces of shit… stay out on NYC we don’t want you. we make fun of you, and take pictures just to laugh at you. we have contests where we try to find the lowest class piece of shit tourist. we can smell you from a couple of feet away.

    this bitch is as wide as she is tall… do you just roll down the street?

  5. Well, NYC elitist prick, let me just say that we get plenty of you guys in MY tourist town as well. And we fucking hate you, too. Learn to fucking drive.

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