Monday, January 31, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Balls

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  1. Ok, people, you’re cheating. I come here to see fascinating pictures of objects strategically placed so as to mimic someone’s junk, and that’s not what’s happening in this one. That’s the cloud’s own junk!, therefore, it does not meet the very specific criteria you’ve set here. You must have so much material, and this is what you’ve given me. I am one of the only contributors to your stroke of genius joint, so, smarten up, or I won’t come back. Also, the print on this page is so fucking small, and there are so many comments for me to read… my eyes are getting tired.

  2. God moves in mysterious ways…in this case I presume he’s moving with his raincoat open and revealing his massive manifestation in the clouds so as to fuck up all his graven little images with a severe case of ‘penis envy’.

    word…looks like they’ve banned me for some reason, I’ve tried contacting them to beg and plead for an explanation but no response so far, I will keep up the efforts though.

  3. Banned from Lamebook?? Anyway, this picture looks more like your profile one the big bony finger.

  4. Hey curly!

    Well it’s either Gods bell end or his index finger.. I know which I’d rather see manifested what about you?

    Yeah, I have somehow angered the powers that be, I’m not entirely sure how yet, their being very tight lipped about the whole affair. I’m hoping that my ban won’t be permanent, I had some absolute beauts the last two days an’ all.

  5. You don’t really have to ask do you?

    Hmm very strange indeed. They owe an explanation! You think they’d want all the commenters they can get!

  6. It saddens me to see you all over there… It’s like you’re all frolicking about naked behind an impassable glass barrier.

    It feels’ like I could just reach out and touch you all or lob a wankgrenade into your midst, but alas! So near and yet so far away!

  7. mofo, so you can view the site, yes?, but you can’t post? Are they moderating your comments, or are they not letting you log in at all? What’s the deal? And have you emailed them emailed them?

  8. Haha, have you emailed them emailed them? Good one. Fuck it. I’m tired. First day back at work and all…

  9. word, I can still log in but all my comments go into moderation …. and never come out the other side..

    So I can still hear you all, but am unable to throw any of my virtual muck about. It’s like a form of torture and not the nice type either.

    Emailed them twice now for an explanation, but don’t want to start sounding whiny etc… I looked back over my recent posts on there but (in the grand scheme of things) can’t find what would have annoyed them… They all seemed like well balanced, erudite comments to me ;)

  10. Well, if you can access the site, they haven’t blocked your ISP address, but something is definitely amiss. Have you been doing something else that could be considered naughty? (other than the usual, of course), because if not, it makes no sense. See if they reply to you tomorrow, but if not, maybe you could reinvent yourself, or something? Like Madonna does every couple of years or so…

  11. I’m in a perpetual state of ‘naughtiness’ trying to pin down one case in the last week, would be like trying to pick your favourite cast member out of Beverley Hills 9021098564… you can’t, it’s impossible….they’re all shit.

    I did make mention to the Facefuck Vs Lamebook royal rumble.. perhaps they took offence at that?

    I will give serious consideration to the disguise tomorrow if they don’t respond to me today. You can all have fun trying to guess my new identity. Good to hear your fighting fit again!

  12. I doubt very much that would be the reason as Hobo is always on about it, and he’s still there. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation. It just kind of sucks not knowing what it is. But I’m sure you and the Lamebook boys will all be soon having a big group (orgy) hug, and then it’ll be on with the show.

    For the record: My fave 90210er? Easy. Dylan. Bad boys all the way.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Cum back soon, buddy. Goodnight.

  13. Word, there’s an echo in here lol ;)

  14. curly, I’d rather think of it more as a three-way type situation that we’ve got going on here, as opposed to an echo, but I hear you loud and clear, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend…

  15. Talk about silver linings… I never thought that i’d be imprisoned with two ladies on a site where cock and balls are the constant focus… Careful where you step girls, I may have left a bit of a mess on the floor.

    On a cloud penis related note…. Cumulus Cockus?

  16. Ah a four way now word with wandr here …. the more the merrier. Lets try for the full blown (excuse the pun) orgy.

  17. Yeah. I’m spunked-in anyway. God had his fun and it froze on the way down.

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