Friday, March 25, 2011

Comin’ Through!

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  1. The guy in the hat looks quite bangable. He’d seriously have to lose those white pants forever, though. The knob-end at the knob end is just plain tragic.

  2. wordpervertdouche

    So, that is what you take from this photo? Judging some random dude, with your keen sense of aesthetics? What is more tragic is your constant need to post on every freaking photo on these sites. Your whole being shows in your posts and that is what defines tragic. You are not bangable, by any means. Please go away.

  3. wordpervertdouche_supporter

    Amen brother! same to imamofo and pirate of course. :]

  4. the guy in the hat is not bangable actually. he assexual… just cant ever get it up. the guy with the dreads forming on the other hand has a huge dick and will stick it in anything…anything.

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