Monday, April 23, 2012

Cute As A Button

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  1. Ok why would someone post this with such a little kid in it?

  2. Yeah— not appropriate to post this little girl here…

  3. Would be funny if there were an adult there but not a little kid.

  4. Seriously, can you take this down? It’s really disturbing to look at and I’m sure somewhere, some sick fu*ker is getting his jollies off to it.

  5. Waaaaaah

  6. I don’t seem to recall the Chacmool altars being, er…phallically endowed.

    Also, REALLY inappropriate with a prepubescent girl (a minor at all is wrong, but prepubescent? Really?)

  7. This is pretty disturbing, not appropriate to have images of small children in this kind of position. Please remove this.

  8. Disturbing to have such a young child, added to the fact when you open comments, sexual images of women are present. please remove.

  9. That is just plain wrong….. Chac Mool’s thumb is completely disproportionate to the fingers.

  10. Wtf, As my Junk. This isn’t something that looks like ‘junk’, this is a statue of a great big stone cock with a child posing on it. This is sick. I thought you guys posted shit on here that was funny, like a tree or a mushroom that looked like a dick. Take this shit down. Sick f**cks.

  11. GROSS. Not cool. That’s a little girl that some pedo has placed there to look funny. Omg. Who would do that? And who the hell thinks that is funny????

  12. Why is everyone so offended with this. It isn’t a small boy, so it isn’t even joking that it’s real. It’s fucking funny, if your first thought is sexual… well that make YOU the pedo, not the photographer.

  13. At least blur her face out. This is inappropriate

  14. If you find this funny then your the idiot. It is not funny when a child is placed in that position. The parents of this girl should be arrested for taking this and posting it on here. The site should take it down.

  15. Dude you all need to chill the fuck out, it’s a picture. Not like she was fucking riding the thing. Stop being a tight ass for once in your life and just enjoy the humour. Sad bastards.

  16. @ 12. Fredricci

    “It isn

  17. @ 12. Fredricci

    “It isn’t a small boy, so it isn’t even joking that it’s real.”

    What does that even mean, you illiterate fuck? Pedos only like little boys but not girls? Wow. Douche.
    The people who took this photo are dicks. Who does that to a little kid and then post it online? Sick sick sick.

  18. Really Really offensive. We should be able to report that kind of shit somehow, because this is cazy stupid at best, promotion of pedophilia at worse. There is a line even the sacro-saint humour can’t cross.

  19. And btw, the title? Just as SICK

  20. this girl goes to my school omg. thats her baby picture im sure she would love to see this…

  21. Well, the concerned, claiming this photo offensive, viewers are make me laugh. What’s inappropriate is to feed your kids with happy meal instead of healthy home cooking. This photo is perhaps an example of stupid parents taking the picture of her daughter who isn’t old or educated enough to recognize a dick. so for her is just a stone thingy.

  22. When their daughter grows up to be a porn star, they’ll look back at this photo as the turning point. Nice parenting losers.

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