Monday, January 31, 2011

Frontal Front

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  1. BEN

  2. Looks like a “popup” storm is on the way.

  3. ‘cooler aloft’……my sentiments exactly…

    I know I’m a Motherfucker, but I’m starting to feel like a bit of a pariah stuck over here! A social outcast with only pictures of pretend cock and balls to talk about… perhaps this is where I belong?!

  4. Ah well, leaves you extra time for your depraved antics on your blog. Also, you left me stranded alone on twitter.

  5. Yes I’m currently trying to hold back the use of the BUMMING STICK, I think we all know whose direction it’s heading in this week, but I’ll wait and see if they can redeem themselves.

    Yeah but it’s nice and cosy just me and you ain’t it?! Not quite sure how to best utilise Twitter yet, it has left me slightly bewildered I must admit…thinking of setting up a Facefuck account instead, stick with what you know etc..

  6. Oohh I’ll be eagerly awaiting the bummingstick this week if they’re getting it!

    Wherever you go, I’ll follow ;)

  7. Yup I’m polishing the stick as we speak… regards the following me, if you see me making frantic hand signals, hit the floor ASAP or we’ll get caught by the police.

    On the topic of weather map penis representations… I always knew America was full of dicks.

  8. More like they are one huge dick here, but to each their interpretation

  9. Whoever programmed that must have been laughing their ass off X3

  10. At least he’s rubbing the balls

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