Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sand In the Vagina

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  1. Who came up with that brilliant title?

  2. You call it ‘Sand in the Vagina’, I call it ‘Twat in the Sand’

    I can think of more than one way of utilising this slutty sandbag.

  3. mofo, so they’re letting you comment back over on LB? I noticed a couple of comments from you, but they don’t sound like you at all! Have they let you come back under certain conditions or something?Do you have to be on your best behaviour? How boring.

  4. Nah I’m back and uncut wordy love..and my best behaviour means i only perform two rapes in the week rather than one a day… we settled on three as a compromise.

  5. There’s gonna be a massive lineup outside your door

  6. Ugh, is there anything worse than a fat broad?

  7. @Dtd – A fat broad with sand in her stink box?

  8. She’s not fat.

  9. yes tiffany, she IS a fattie

  10. She’s thick at best, I’d hit it for sure!!

  11. Huh? Looks more like just sitting on a beach with a dress with a sand dick. Should have gone on failblog

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