Friday, January 28, 2011

Washington H.J.

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  1. See now I’m uncertain again. In this one, it appears the Washington Memorial has been made to look like the dick of that girl. But how can that be? She’s a girl, and girls don’t have dicks, they have vaginas. This site is so confusing.

  2. You know it’s kind of fun being the only person in the universe commenting on this site. The downside is there’s no one here to correct me; what I should’ve said was Washington Monument, not Memorial. Oops, sorry. My bad.

  3. The girl in the blue jacket is just like me. The sole hottie in amongst a bunch of fuglies. But I’m being unkind, and, somewhat incorrect in saying that. I’m just the sole person here, period.

  4. Yay! I get to be Saffer with a capital ‘S’ I like this new untouched world.

    Lol and Hi Word :) The chick in the orange can’t classify as fugly, she just has an embarrassing fashion sense.

  5. What’s happening, my comment didn’t go through? Was it too neg=a*tive?

    Flowers. rainbows. ponies. love. sunshine. wonderful site. excellent. grandma. save the whales.

  6. testing…

  7. Now she works. Third time lucky.

    Lol and Hi word :) Chick in orange is not fugly, she just doesn’t know how to dress. Good grief that choice of footwear!

  8. I’m Saffer with a capital ‘S’ again. I love this new found world!

  9. Saff (with a capital and all? Fancy), welcome to this commenting desert. At least I’ve got some company now, and good company at that. Ok, I’ll give the chick with the monumental dick the benefit of the doubt re her attractiveness, but yes, her footwear is a serious crime of fashion.

  10. I just heard word was here so I rushed over…

    Oh and 4 , 2 , 1 , 3

  11. Me too.

  12. What in the…..nice site. Yup….I’m out for awhile again. Glad to see you’re all still about.

    mass. Can’t say your name without ass. (Ha, I got the jump on you this time, throwing out some snarky remark first)


  13. Thanks for finally posting #4 & 5 moderators. Make me look like a mad woman why don’t you. Mass, Ke- nice to see you guys :)

  14. This dud of a party is looking up.

  15. When on the prowl I often keep my eyes open for silly sluts who like to wear socks with their flip flops and pretend to have a massive cock and balls.

  16. funny stuff here!!

  17. Isn’t this called gang raping?

  18. Not if she enjoys it.

  19. touche’ Curlybap

  20. in addition to their fashion sense, these girls really show their age by how they handle that monument… ah, to be so young again.

  21. @rawnuh – Yeah, because someone lurking around a website which aggregates pictures of people using objects as faux-genitals has the maturity high ground.

  22. uhh. this is awkward. but thats me with the flipflops and socks.
    that shits comfy as fuck. so fuck you guys.

  23. yoooooo i would fuck that chick in the orangeeee!!!!

  24. that shit flys on the east coast

  25. that fat bitch is blind, not holding the dick properly

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